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Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics - EVOLGEN

EVOLGEN brings together researchers broadly interested in evolutionary change and in the genetic determinants underlying the immense biological diversity in nature. Our ultimate goal is to map phenotypic variation to the gene level. Equipped with this information we aim to shed light on the mutational mechanisms explaining simple and complex trait variation, therefore contributing to answer questions of general interest in biology associated with multiple evolutionary processes, such as speciation, sexual selection, adaptation, or domestication. Most work is on mammals and birds with emphasis on rabbits and canaries.

Our research integrates population genetics and genomics to study genome-wide patterns of genetic variation in both natural and domesticated populations, together with genetic crosses and a diverse array of molecular biology, physiology, and functional genomic tools for experimental validation of the main findings and to compellingly map genotype onto phenotype. We are always looking for opportunities to expand the scope of topics addressed within the group and help establishing it at the forefront of the highly competitive field of evolutionary genetics and genomics. Our research program will ultimately help accelerating genotype-to-phenotype mapping in a variety of species and taxonomic groups as a result of novel genomic tools and approaches being developed.

The most relevant outputs of the group are made available through scientific publications privileging peer-reviewed generalist journals in order to reach the broadest audience possible. Communicating science to the general public and creating awareness for important evolutionary questions is also a priority and the topics addressed are ideal to promote conservation, evolutionary thinking, and biological concepts. For example, we routinely issue press releases for several of the group’s publications, which have been frequently attracting media coverage at the national and international levels.

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