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Climate Change and Biodiversity - BIOCHANGE

Climate Change and Biodiversity - BIOCHANGE

The Biodiversity and Climate Change Group brings together researchers and students who seek to further understanding in the fields of biogeography, conservation biology, global change biology, and macroecology.



The research carried out in the BIOCHANGE Group is driven by three unifying questions:


  1. how did past climate changes affect biodiversity?
  2. how might current and future environmental changes affect biodiversity?
  3. how can biodiversity be conserved given current and future challenges?


To address these questions, research in the group integrates large climate and species distributions databases with descriptions of behavioural and physiological traits of species, molecular phylogenies, and the fossil record. Most research involves statistical analyses of ecological data, including data mining, bioclimatic modeling, and mathematical simulations, but large-scale experiments, including microcosm and mesocosm experiments, are now being devised for testing models and theory on species distributions and species coexistence.

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