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Behavioural Ecology - BE

Behavioural Ecology - BE

31 Theses
Gonçalo Rodrigues (2016) Exotic-Exotic and Exotic-Native interactions during the invasion of Common Waxbills in Iberia .  MSc in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution. University of Porto. Supervisors: Gonçalo Cardoso, João Honrado
Liliana Silva (2016) An investigation of the physiological costs of social dominance in a colonial, cooperative passerine. Mestrado em Biodiversidade, Genética e Evolução. Supervisor: Rita Covas Co-supervisor: Claire Doutrelant, CNRS and Sophie Lardy, PFIAO-UCT
Rita Fortuna (2016) Do females manipulate the amount of care provided by other individuals via maternal effects? Mestrado em Biodiversidade, Genética e Evolução. Supervisor: Rita Covas Co-supervisor: Claire Doutrelant, CNRS and Matthieu Paquet, University of Edinburgh
André Marques Condeço Ferreira (2015) Benefits and costs of helpers: investigating the underlying mechanisms. Master in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution. University of Porto. Supervisor: Rita Covas.
Margaux Rat (2015) The role of dominance in maintaining cooperation in the sociable weaver Philetairus socius. University of Cape Town Supervisor: Rita Covas Co-Supervisors: C. Doutrelant, R. van Dijk and P.G. Ryan 
Sofia Santos (2015) The effect of helping presence on maternal allocation in a cooperatively breeding bird. University of Lisbon Supervisor: Rita Covas
Sónia Cristina Cobra Cardoso (2015) n.a.
Ana Cristina Gomes (2014) The evolution of colour ornamentation in the Estrildidae. Department of Biology, University of Porto. Supervisor: Gonçalo Cardoso
Joana Silveira Soares (2014) Effects of complex mixtures of antagonistic endocrine disrupting chemicals in Danio rerio. CIIMAR/ICBAS. Co-supervisor: Nuno Monteiro
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