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18 Oct 2013 - Mónica Moura (CIBIO/InBIO- Universidade dos Açores) | October 18, 2013| 14h30 | CIBIO’s Auditorium, Campus de Vairão

The vascular flora of the Azores comprises about 1,000 taxa, of which no more than 200 are considered native and ca. 72 are endemic. The number of native and endemic endangered taxa defined as priority for conservation is currently of about 90, which consist of a 50% increase comparing to a decade ago. To define successful conservation strategies for the Azorean taxa it is of the utmost importance to clarify their taxonomic position and phylogenetic relationships as well as understand the degree and distribution of the genetic diversity of their populations. With the use of molecular genetics techniques we have started to expand conservation data already available on propagation methodologies, developing a population genetic structure knowledgebase, and pinpointing critical cases of low variability. New genetic and morphological information is also uncovering endemic taxa previously overlooked indicating that the Azores may hold more plant diversity than historically accounted.



Mónica Moura has been lecturing and doing research at the University of the Azores, Biology Department since 1991. She has worked in the field of propagation of endemic plants by in vitro culture and seed. More recently, she has started taking interest in molecular genetics and is currently developing research in the areas of phylogenetics and population genetics of Azorean taxa.

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