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20 Mar 2012 - University of Évora | July 16-20, 2012

The course “Phylogenetic Comparative Methods in (macro)ecology", lead by Alexandre Diniz-Filho (Universidade Federal de Goiás ,Brasil), will be held at the University of Évora on 16-20 July 2012.


The comparative method have been, since Darwin’s time, the main approach to understand evolutionary patterns and infer underlying processes based on species data. With the development of new approaches to infer the phylogenetic relationships among species, it was possible to start using many statistical methods that explicitly compare species in an evolutionary context. In this course these methods will be explored and detailed discussed, focusing on how to analyze species traits (i.e., using autocorrelation and modeling techniques to infer phylogenetic patterns and correlations) and species assemblages (i.e. inferring patterns of phylogenetic clustering or overdispersion within and among assemblages, and how these can be related to processes of habitat filtering and species interactions) at distinct spatial scales. These methods can be used to analyze real datasets with the new software PAM (Phylogenetic Analysis in Macroecology), which also takes into account the uncertainty in comparative analyses due to distinct sources of errors in the phylogenetic reconstructions.


Registrations are open until 31 of May.


More information about the course here.

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