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Methods in Research Synthesis: Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis

From 06 Feb 2023 until 09 Feb 2023 - BIOPOLIS-CIBIO, Vairão, Portugal (Face-to-face)
Methods in Research Synthesis: Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis
Research synthesis, the process of synthesising research findings, has been increasingly in the ecological and biological sciences. The course is developed for students and researchers at an early stage of their career, and aims to provide basics on literature search and review. Participants will be able to:
(1) understand the process of research synthesis, incl. search protocols and software;
(2) conduct a systematic literature search and review; and
(3) apply different methods for analyzing published scientific evidence, such as meta-analysis tools.

PROGRAM (24 hours)
Day 01 | February 06, 2023
| 9:45-13:00
Introduction to research synthesis (theory)
Protocols of literature searches (theory)
Software and literature management (theory)
| 14:00-17:45
Practicals 1 – Performing a literature search with search engines
Practicals 2 – Designing and applying exclusion/inclusion criteria

Day 02 | February 07, 2023
| 9:45-13:00
Best practices in the literature review process
Analysing the outcomes of literature reviews
Introduction to meta-analysis
| 14:00-17:45
Practicals 3 – Reviewing and gathering published evidence
Practicals 4 – Qualitative analysis from the literature review

Day 03 | February 08, 2023
| 9:45-13:00
Invited speakers: global case studies and applications
Methods and approaches in meta-analysis
| 14:00-17:45
Practicals 5 – Quantitative analysis of the literature review
Working group session 1 – Challenge release (own or new ideas for conducting a literature review)

Day 04 | February 09, 2023
| 9:45-13:00
Working group session 2 – Challenge development
| 14:00-17:45
Working group session 3 – Challenge presentation

Cláudia Fernandes (Coordinator) | BIOPOLIS/CIBIO-InBIO | FCUP
Catarina Teixeira | BIOPOLIS/CIBIO-InBIO | FCUP
Ana Margarida Medeiros | BIOPOLIS/CIBIO-InBIO | FCUP

The course will be open to a maximum number of 20 participants.
75% of available student slots are reserved for BIODIV students.
 Priority will be given to:
• 1st year and other PhD students attending the BIODIV Doctoral Program;
• PhD students attending other courses;
• Other post-graduate students and researchers.

80€ (students) | 150€ (other participants). CIBIO-InBIO members will have an additional discount of 20%
Participation is free of charge for MBGE, BIODIV Students & CIBIO's TwinLabs
Registration fees do not include accommodation or meals
Registration deadline: January 3, 2023

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