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Making rewilding Investible

18 Nov 2021 - Dr Paul Jepson, Ecosulis Ltd, UK | 16h00
Making rewilding Investible

The decade of ecosystem restoration signifies the ambition to move from a defensive focus on nature conservation to protective focus on nature recovery. Rewilding offers a promising approach to ecosystem restoration; financial markets are ready and willing to ‘finance green’ and major corporations are looking for tangible means to become ‘nature positive’.  Ecosulis is developing technologies to convert changes in ecosystem integrity and biodiversity quality into ‘units’ that can be produced, traded and invested in.  In this talk I will introduce key concepts in rewilding science and the opportunities for scaling nature recovery presented by the rise of Environmental & Social Governance (ESG). I will then introduce the conceptual architecture of a rewilding token solution and the underling indices, and identify some methodological challenges faced when attempting to measure changes in ecosystem integrity.

Dr Paul Jepson is Head of Innovation with Ecosulis Ltd where he is developing new services at the intersection of rewilding, technology and finance. He has over thirty years’ experience in nature conservation research, policy and management with cross-sectoral experience in international, governmental, civil society commercial and academic organisations. He is a former director of Oxford University’s MSc/MPhil in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management and has held senior research fellowships with the Said Business School and Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment. Paul is an expert in conservation governance and has published collections of academic articles on wildlife trade, protected area and rewilding policy, on extinction and flagship species theory and on conservation culturomics. He is a former member of Rewilding Europe’s supervisory and his latest book "Rewilding: the radical new science of ecological recovery" received positive reviews in the financial times and elsewhere.

[Host: Richard James Ladle, Applied Ecology - APPLECOL]

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