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Information Session: Animal Experimentation - What does this imply?

08 Mar 2016 - CIBIO-InBIO, Campus de Vairão
Information Session: Animal Experimentation - What does this imply?

With the session it is intended to promote an informal meeting that will allow participants to discuss several topics around animal experimentation. More specifically, the event will endorse reflection upon key subjects such as ethics, legislation and animal welfare.

The event will be hosted by Hugo Santos – Aquatic Animal Facility Manager at CIIMAR (Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research).


Hugo Santos has a degree in Biology and Master in Sciences of Coastal Zones, both in Aveiro University. He has been the Aquatic Animal Facility Manager since 2003 in CIIMAR and organizes CAL-AQUA (course in Laboratory Animal Sciences – Aquatic Species) since 2011.
Hugo Santos also teaches in several Laboratory Animal Sciences courses, mainly modules about using fish as animal models, since 2012 (FMUP, IBMC, IGC, IMM). He is an ORBEA Member in CIIMAR and responsible for the welfare body establishment.



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