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Influence of landscape and fire management on the distribution of invasive Acacia dealbata in a transboundary Biosphere reserve

19 May 2023 - Cristina Gonçalves Lima, BIOPOLIS, CIBIO-InBIO/UP | 14h45 | Sala A, Campus de Vairão
Influence of landscape and fire management on the distribution of invasive <i>Acacia dealbata</i> in a transboundary Biosphere reserve

Woody invasive alien species can alter ecosystem processes and functions (e.g., fire regulation), jeopardizing landscape resilience. Acacia dealbata is a widespread invader in Portugal and holds well-known fire-proneness traits with potential to modify fire regimes. This study analyzes how different landscape and fire suppression management strategies affect the future habitat suitability of A. dealbata in the Transboundary Biosphere Reserve Gerês-Xurés. Land-use scenarios – Rewilding (RWild) and High Nature Value farmlands (HNVf) were combined with fire suppression scenarios – low, current, and high suppression – to predict the future habitat suitability for A. dealbata. The results show that habitat suitability will be higher in the RWild scenario with high fire suppression and lower in the HNVf scenarios with current and low fire suppression. These findings show that HNVf must be prioritized over RWild and proper fire suppression management is crucial to control the expansion of A. dealbata.

I did my bachelor in Biology (2015-2018) in the University of Trás-os-montes and Alto Douro and my master in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution (2018-2020) in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto with a thesis titled "The invasion of Yellow-legged Hornet around the world: a systematic review”. During my MsC I developed expertise both in Biological Invasions science and advanced tools (e.g. synthesis science, ecological modelling). I collaborated in the project "Regional strategy for the control and prevention of Invasive Alien Species” @CIBIO-InBIO at Azores (December 2020 – July 2021) applying my Biological Invasions Science expertise in management strategies design. Currently (2021-2024) I am a PhD student in the InvasionS group @CIBIO (BIODIV PhD programme) with a PhD project titled "Multi-scale interactions between wildfires and plant invasions in Anthropocene landscapes".

[Host: Joana Vicente, Invasion Science - InvasionS, Predicting and Managing Ecological Change - ECOCHANGE]
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