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Graphic Design meets Science - Short course on the elements and principles of Design

05 Feb 2021 - Vasco Batista, Freelance Graphic Designer / Former Researcher in Biology | 15h30
Graphic Design meets Science - Short course on the elements and principles of Design

Graphic Design plays a crucial and important role in today’s world. It helps us perform numerous tasks in our daily lives, identify which products to buy, how to operate a certain device, how to navigate through a city, understand different messages and communicate with others. It’s been an important component of human life, in some way or another, since the Neanderthals roamed the Earth. It has shaped our culture throughout the times, through pop art, political art and commercial art.
This seminar aims to educate on the basic elements and principles of Graphic Design, and how these can be applied to scientific publications, posters and presentations. It will provide scientists the necessary tools in order for them to create quality graphic material with accurate content that is both visually compelling and easily interpreted.

Vasco Batista is a Graphic Designer with a scientific background. After graduating in Biology, he joined CIBIO as a researcher, where he stayed for 5 years, before pursuing a career in Graphic Design. He’s been working in the Design industry ever since, from advertising agencies to production companies and music festivals.

[Host: Raquel Vasconcelos, Conservation Genetics and Wildlife Management - CONGEN]

Click here to watch the webinar recording

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