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Find the frog! (Are we looking hard enough?) The problem of imperfect detectability

06 Oct 2014 - Mário Mota Ferreira | Friday, October 10, 2014 - 15h20 | CIBIO’s ROOM A, Campus de Vairão
Find the frog! (Are we looking hard enough?) The problem of imperfect detectability




Imperfect detection (i.e., failure to detect a species where it is present) has long been recognized as one of the key sources of error in modelling species occupancy and/or distribution. To overcome this problem, a new approach has been developed in the last years: Occupancy Modelling. These methods try to separate the observation process (i.e., sampling) from the environmental and historical processes generating species distributions. In this seminary Mário will do a review of this problem and present the results of his master thesis, comparing amphibian occupancy of different habitats. Mário will also present the first results of his PhD project, in which he is developing a new approach to Occupancy Modelling based on time to first detection and applying it to fish distribution in the Sabor basin. (And YES, there's a frog in the picture!)


Mário has graduated in Biology by the University of Évora in 2006, and has completed his Masters in Conservation Biology by the same university in 2012. He is has been working with the APPLECOL Group since 2008, first with amphibians in the southwest of Portugal and now with aquatic vertebrates in the Sabor basin. This year Mário, who is developing his PhD project under the supervision of Pedro Beja, was granted a FCT PhD scholarship.


Image source: Mário Mota Ferreira

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