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DNA Metabarcoding: how to design and analyse next-generation data for Biodiversity Monitoring

From 20 Mar 2023 until 24 Mar 2023 - BIOPOLIS-CIBIO, Vairão, Portugal (Face-to-face)
DNA Metabarcoding: how to design and analyse next-generation data for Biodiversity Monitoring
DNA metabarcoding is an innovative method widely used to describe biodiversity patterns and food webs across multiple habitats and ecosystems. It allows the identification of multiple organisms composing complex samples such as air, water, faeces, soil, bulk organisms, through the amplification of taxonomically informative genomic regions. Much progress has been made so far towards the development of this method, fostered by the need for a simple, fast and cost-effective method. Yet its application requires different fields of expertise (traditional and DNA-based taxonomy, molecular biology, NGS technology, bioinformatics, and computational statistics) and consequently uninformed technical decisions can dictate the quality of results. Therefore, in this course we propose to focus on the complexity of each step and provide insights on best practices, while encouraging critical thinking.

The main objective of this course is to provide the basic tools for good experimental design and data processing in DNA metabarcoding.

PROGRAM (32 hours)
Day 01 | March 20, 2023
| 9:30-13:00
Course Introduction & Lectures on Metabarcoding applications
| 14:00-17:30
Lectures on Sampling design & Library prep

Day 02 | March 21, 2023
| 9:30-13:00
Lectures on Bioinformatic procedures
| 14:00-17:30
Hands-on I: from fastqs to OTUs

Day 03 | March 22, 2023
| 9:30-13:00
Lectures on Taxonomic assignment and data curation
| 14:00-17:30
Hands-on II: from OTUs to species

Day 04 | March 23, 2023
| 9:30-13:00
Data analysis reporting and sharing
| 14:00-17:30
Presentation preparation

Day 05 | March 24, 2023
| 9:30-13:00

Joana Veríssimo | BIOPOLIS/CIBIO-InBIO

The course will be open to a maximum number of 18 participants.
75% of available student slots are reserved for BIODIV students.
 Priority will be given to:
• 1st year and other PhD students attending the BIODIV Doctoral Program;
• PhD students attending other courses;
• Other post-graduate students and researchers.

95€ (students) | 200€ (other participants). CIBIO-InBIO members will have an additional discount of 20%
Participation is free of charge for MBGE, BIODIV Students & CIBIO's TwinLabs 
Registration fees do not include accommodation or meals
Registration deadline: February 08, 2023

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