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BIODIV 1st year - Thesis Project Presentation

25 Sep 2020
BIODIV 1st year - Thesis Project Presentation

BIODIV 1st year - Oral Presentation
Thesis Seminar/Thesis Project

September 28th
10am-12pm | 2pm-4pm


10:00 am | Ana Isabel Antunes Pereira; Garbage dumps or primary care clinics? Cleaning stations as hubs for the maintenance and recovery of microbial diversity on coral reefs.

Supervisors: Raquel Xavier (CIBIO-InBIO); Marta Soares (CIBIO-InBIO); Amy Appril (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA)


10:20 am | Bruno Herlander Mira Martins; Ecological and evolutionary implications of anthropogenic food subsidies on wildlife:The White stork as a case study.
Supervisors: Inês Catry (CIBIO-InBIO); Aldina M. A. Franco (Reader in Ecology School on Environmental Sciences - University of East Anglia)


10:40 am | Patrícia Beltrão dos Santos; Effects of environmental fluctuations and cognition on animal sociality
Supervisor: Gonçalo Cardoso (CIBIO-InBIO)


11:00 am | Célia Carina Loureiro Gomes; The impact of fire on Angola's Afromontane forests. Case study at Mount Moco and Namba Mountains.
Supervisors: Martim Melo (CIBIO-InBIO); Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology); Sally Archibald (University of Witwatersrand, South Africa)


11:20 am | Costanza Piccoli; Disentangling the evolution of the mantellid frogs of Madagascar to unveil the determinants of species diversification.
Supervisors: Angelica Crottini (CIBIO-InBIO); Franco Andreone (Museo Regionale di Storia Naturale di Torino, Italy)


11:40 am | Cristiana Isabel Jorge Marques; The Colour of Cooperation: linking colour polymorphism to mutualistic behaviour in the Caribbean sharknose cleaning goby (Elacatinus evelynae). Supervisors: Miguel Carneiro (CIBIO-InBIO); Marta Sofia Candeias Soares (CIBIO-InBIO); Paul C Sikkel (Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, USA)




2:00 pm | Frederico Maria Chaves Fernandes Neto Barroso; Winners and losers in a changing environment: A functional approach to the ecology and conservation of crocodilian communities.
Supervisors: Miguel Angel Carretero (CIBIO-InBIO); Ronis da Silveira (Univ. Federal do Amazonas, Brazil)


2:20 pm | Inês da Costa Miranda; The evolution and adaptive potential of seasonal coat colour variation in the least weasel.
Supervisors: José Melo-Ferreira (CIBIO-InBIO); Love Dálen (Swedish Museum of Natural History); L. Scott Mills (University of Montana)


2:40 pm | Ivo Matias Lopes da Costa; Fine-scale swimming strategies and metabolic performance of ectothermic blue sharks under environmental gradients.
Supervisors: Nuno Queiroz (CIBIO-InBIO); David W. Sims (Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom); Yuuki Watanabe (National Institute of Polar Research, Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan)


3:00 pm | Mónia Nakamura Mercier Real; Wolf demography in human-dominated landscapes: Insights for wolf conservation in the Anthropocene.
Supervisors: Pedro Monterroso (CIBIO/InBIO); José Vicente López-Bao (Universidad de Oviedo, Spain); Olivier Gimenez (Centre d’Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive, Université de Montpellier, France)


3:20 pm | Catarina de Jesus Covas Silva Pinho; Big and small – How do we fit all? An integrative framework for investigating character displacement.
Supervisors: Raquel Vasconcelos (CIBIO-InBIO); Paulo Célio Alves (CIBIO-InBIO/ Faculty of Sciences); Brent Emerson (Instituto de Productos Naturales y Agrobiología – IPNA)


3:40 pm | Rita Alexandra Fineza Ramos; Movement, behaviour and microclimate habitat requirements of endangered grassland birds in a warming world.
Supervisors: João Paulo Campbell Alves da Silva (CIBIO-InBIO); Aldina M. A. Franco (Reader in Ecology School on Environmental Sciences - University of East Anglia); Nuno Queiroz (CIBIO-InBIO)




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