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Advanced course on PHENOTYPIC EVOLUTION: causes and consequences of morphological variation

18 Dec 2012 - CIBIO, Campus Agrário de Vairão | April 3-5, 2013

A call for applications for the advanced course on PHENOTYPIC EVOLUTION is now open. The course will be held in the facilities of the Centro de Investigação em Biodiversidade e Recursos Genéticos (CIBIO/UP) at Campus Agrário de Vairão (Vila do Conde, Portugal) on 3-5 April 2013.

Instructors (CIBIO-InBIO/UP): Ylenia Chiari, Antigoni Kaliontzopoulou, Miguel A. Carretero, Alexandra Sá-Pinto, Arie van der Meijden.


The course, including both practical and theoretical sessions, will focus on morphological evolution providing an overview of the causes and consequences of morphological variation, the tools available for investigating it and how these can be integrated with other information sources (i.e. experimental data on other phenotypic components, molecular and developmental biology, phylogenetics, quantitative genetics, GIS) to test scientific hypotheses in ecology and evolution.


A maximum of 30 participants, selected based on a motivation letter, will be admitted. Letters should be sent to antigoni@cibio.up.ptby 1 March 2013.


Registration will be free for CIBIO-InBIO students of the Master and PhD Program in Biodiversity, Genetics and Evolution. A registration fee of 25 or 50 euro will be applied to students outside the CIBIO and to Postdocs and Researchers (CIBIO-InBIOincluded), respectively.


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