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23 Oct 2015 - November 4-5, 2015 | CIBIO-InBIO, Vairão, Portugal




Landscape genetics is a rapidly evolving interdisciplinary field that integrates approaches from population genetics and landscape ecology aiming to understand the degree to which landscapes facilitate the movement/adaptation of organisms by relating molecular data (population structure, adaptations, etc) to landscape structure. This short duration workshop will provide an introduction to this theme by presenting an overview of the most robust approaches, their caveats and limitations. This workshop is aimed to post-graduate students (MSc and PhD), as well as more advanced researchers.




Hugo Rebelo, CIBIO-InBIO
Orly Razgour, University of Bristol




The sessions will take place in Room A, in Vairão Campus.


November 4, 2015 | Building Species Distribution Models


Instructor: Hugo Rebelo


10h00 – 12h30
Introduction to Species Distribution Models
       Understanding Species Distribution Models (SDM) concepts and limitations
       Presentation of SDM techniques


14h00 – 16h00
How to calculate a SDM?
       Online databases and eco-geographical variables
       Preparing data for SDMs
       Building SDMs


16h30 – 18h00
Practical exercises


November 5, 2015 | From genes to landscape


Instructor: Orly Razgour


10h00 – 12h30

Introduction to Landscape genetics

       Background & history
       Main concepts
       Isolation mechanisms
       Genetic markers
       Study design


14h00 – 16h00
Analysis methods
       Resistance / cost surfaces 
       Mantel tests & causal modelling
       Alternative statistical approaches
       Use of Species Distribution Models in Landscape Genetics


16h30 – 18h00

Introduction to Landscape Genomics
       Genomic revolution
       Population Genomic tools to identify signature of selection
       Landscape Genomics approach
       Case studies
Discussion of landscape genetics/genomics: key contributions and challenges



This course will be open to a maximum number of 20 participants.
Priority will be given to:

  • 1st year PhD students attending the BIODIV Doctoral Programme;
  • Other BIODIV PhD students;
  • PhD students attending other courses;
  • Other post-graduate students and researchers.



Registration deadline: October 29, 2015.
Participation is free of charge for BIODIV students | Registration fee for other participants: € 30,00 for InBIO staff; € 50,00 for other participants.
To register, please send an e-mail accompanied by your CV to Maria Sant’Ana at Please refer your status (PhD student, MSc Student, Other) and the University to which you are affiliated.



Requirements: Participants are advised to bring their own laptop with the following installed software: Excel, Maxent ( and a GIS (optional).



For more information about the course, please contact:








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