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Laboratory protocols: project microBIO 12

Laboratory protocols: project microBIO 12
Here you can access two laboratory protocols for testing the antibiotic effect of garlic extracts and the bactericidal effect of sunlight developed in the scope of the project ‘microBIO 12.

Both activities were envisioned to allow addressing relevant public health issues through the engagement in laboratory work. The techniques and procedures were purposely selected and optimized to require but the most easily available and inexpensive resources, so that they can be efficiently implemented in limited and unspecialized settings. Furthermore, the protocols were adapted to be accessible to students and teachers who are not experienced in microbiology methods, while maintaining their authenticity.


Versions of these protocols for teachers, complete with examples and additional recommendations, are also available in Portuguese. If you are interested in having free copies of the teacher protocols, please contact us (

To access a summarized version of this protocols and activities, you can take a look at the articles published in the journal The American Biology Teacher:
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